If the work of God could be comprehended by reason, it would be no
longer wonderful, and faith would have no merit if reason provided proof.
Catriana, artist/interior designer
(published with permission, 2005)
L o o k i n g  a t  D a d  i n  H e a v e n
a c r y l i c  o n  c a n v a s
© E M I L Y
d i a m o n d  e a r r i n g s
a c r y l i c  o n  c a n v a s
© E M I L Y
Emily's work can also be found, via auction, at eBay. She presently has note cards and has collaborated
with another special "Emily" who has Cerebral Palsy. You can support these two young artists - helping
to provide them with independence - by purchasing their cards here for only $8.00. Thank you.
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-  Pope Gregory I
Emily's work has been featured in the custom homes I’ve designed, our former
art & accents emporium, and has been a part of our Art for Animals cause.
outsider artist, Emily
Some of my fondest thoughts of special people in my life involve those less fortunate
than most, but possessing such outstanding attributes and blessings that so many of
us cannot even begin to touch. I believe Source sends us what many call “angels” in
various form, and I've always considered those touched with Down's truly being
‘God's little blessings’ to those of us fortunate enough to know them...

Aside from Emily, I've had a very special neighbor with Down Syndrome, as well as
former clients with this condition--among other mental and physical challenges
. It has graciously enabled me to glance into their
lives, their challenges and obstacles, their abilities and their special gifts. Upon
correspondence with Emily's mother, I have learned some unique things about this
child, and I feel compelled to share her story:
" L o o k i n g  a t  D a d  i n  H e a v e n "
The mother of four children, she has had her share of setbacks and hurdles to cross, spending many months at hospitals
when Emily was just an infant. Emily's first year was spent combating RSV (a viral pneumonia), heart failure, and at only eight
months, heart surgery. She tells me Emily is perfectly healthy now.

A 25-year marriage led to a devastating divorce, and in October of 2004, Emily's father suddenly passed away. Emily is only
15 years of age at the time of this writing and has had a very hard time dealing with these traumatic events.

At her father’s funeral, Emily’s mother informed me she kept raising her hand, desperately wanting to get up to say something.
Her family continually told her “no”, as they thought she was going to break out into a Britney Spears song (which she would
often do), but the minister replied this was her father's funeral; hence, let the child speak… So up she went, taking a piece of
paper from her pocket that was seemingly folded many times over. It took her nearly f-o-r-e-v-e-r to open it--with the
assembly of family & friends all on the edges of their seats(!), as you can only imagine. Emily gently laid it on the podium and
sang, “Jesus Loves Me” to her dad and quietly sat down--to which I can only envision her absolutely radiating like a small
tower of Light. She had everyone crying uncontrollably (as some of you, too, might be tearing a bit upon reading this, as well).

Emily's mother told me, “This is just one example of what an awesome little girl she is. She has so many dreams and hopes.
She loves life and touches people wherever she goes… ”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Children are amazing vehicles, making us think--and in simply being of their own precious Selves. But in my experiences,
those who are special somehow make us go a step beyond--to ponder wondrously--to sense and to feel... If Emily's sweet
story doesn't pull at your heart and somehow lead you--feel you to acknowledge--in even the slightest degree--there is
something so omnipotent and powerful above us, below us, all around us, working through us, without compromise or
comparison, then I don't know what else will. In my eyes, Emily, and children like her, are indeed Creator's little Light Beings--
sending messages... and touching our hearts, minds, spirits and souls.